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Trademark Opposition Form

As far as Trademark Opposition in India is concerned, Section 21 of the Trademarks Act, 1999 says that “any person” who wants to oppose a trademark application can do so by filing a Trademark Opposition.

  • An applicant must have trademark registered for filing opposition
  • Any entity/consumer/buyer/purchaser/ likely to use goods.
  • If the mark is contrary to the law or prohibited under the Emblem and Names Act, 1950.
  • If the mark contains matters related to hurting any religious sentiments of any class or section of people


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Opposition Notice


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Benefits from the Service

Limit one from the creation of the brand

It is very crucial to limit one from the creation of a brand and also acquire the approval of Registration of Trademark because a brand value, popularity plays a key role.

Identical Trademark is banned

It remains very beneficial for the Trademark Owner to stop/ban any similar/identical trademark user which can hinder/dilute a reputation of a brand in future.

Clear Confusion

It is also beneficial towards the consumers because in a way it clears the confusion surrounding a brand.

Key Factors / Important Points

  • Rule 44 of the Trademark Rules, 2017 states that an applicant can further file a counter statement in Form TM-O within 2 months.
  • On failure of filing the counter-statement by the applicant, the Registrar will take down the form and won’t approve it for the registers.

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