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The Memorandum of Association, MOA, is an important document of a Public Limited Company in certain Jurisdictions. It shows the company’s initial capital and the ‘object clause’ which lets the shareholders, creditors, and those dealing with the Public Limited Company know about what is the limit of range of operation.

It contains the Article of Association (AOA) as the company’s internal constitution for regulating the business operation and at the time of incorporation, the memorandum is mandatory to be filed with the Registrar.

Due to several reasons, a Limited Company’s Memorandum of Association can be modified or amended. In the process, the concerned organization is required to follow the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 and the guidelines of the Registrar of Companies ROC.
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  • In case of changing the Name of the Public Limited Company
  • Change of Registered Office of the Company
  • Alteration in any Company’s Authorized Capital
  • Alteration in Capital Clause of the Company
  • Change in the Company’s Members’ Liability
  • If the Object Clause of the Limited Company is modified
  • In case of a Merger with any other Business Personnel or Entity

Requirements During Amending Public Limited Company’s MOA

Board Meeting

A Board Meeting should be organized by the Limited Company to approve the MOA Amendment from the Board of Directors.

Shareholders’ Approval

Following the Board Meeting, the company’s shareholders should be addressed to get approval on the MOA Amendment by passing a special resolution.

Documentation of the Amended Memorandum of Association

Following the completion of the process, the amended MOA should be recorded in all the official documentation of the concerned organization.

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MOA or Memorandum of Association works as the internal constitution of an organization. It contains the AoA, the initial capital, Object Clause and is mandated to be filed in the time incorporation of the particular organization.

In the Amendment process, the MOA of an organization is modified or changed for reasons like changing the Name of the Company, change of the Registered Office, or alteration in the company’s Authorized Capital.

The MOA Amendment procedure is regulated by the Companies Act, 2013 of the Indian Govt, along with the provisions of the Registrar of Companies ROC.

No. The organization amending the MOA is required to pass a special resolution from both the Directors and the Shareholders

The ROC usually takes 10-15 days (subject to Ministry of Corporate Affairs) to approve the MOA Amendment procedure, the other parts like passing the resolution, arranging a board meeting depends on the particular organization.

A few businesses like Banking, Mutual Fund, Insurance, Architecture are required to get prior validation for their MOA Amendment procedure.