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FSSAI Food License Modification Form

Following the FSSAI FoSCoS registration procedure, any registered Food Business Operator (FBO) can change, alter, or modify any given information in the Food License issued by the authority. This particular process is known as the FSSAI Modification.
The Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 of the Indian Govt. oversees the FSSAI Modification process under the supervision of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) authority.

No. FSSAI Modification is applicable only for the existing Food License holders. In case of cancellation of the same, an FBO is obliged to apply again after 3 months.

In case of a change in ownership, the FBO is mandated to file an FSSAI Food License Modification too. Along with that, the FBO will need to follow the Company Registration procedure as well.

Who Can Apply for FSSAI Modification?

As per the latest Notice issued from FSSAI FoSCoS authority, only selected categories of FBOs can now apply for a Modification. They are namely:

  • Any Registered Food Business Operator
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Food Processing units
  • Food Repackers
  • Food Re-labellers
  • Food Distributors




  • 1 Modification Application in the Food Product Category
  • Call, Chat, Email Support
  • Drafting of Modification Application



  • 1 Modification Application in Food Product Category / Business Location / Business Type
  • Call, Chat, Email Support
  • Drafting of Modification Application
  • Dedicated FSSAI FoSCoS Expert



  • 1 Modification Application in any Given Information on the Food License (Owner Name, Business Location, Business Category, Food Product Category, Change of Business)
  • Call, Chat, Email Support
  • Drafting of Modification Application
  • Dedicated FSSAI FoSCoS Expert

How we work?

Fill-up the Form & make the Payment

Get the call from FSSAI FoSCoS Expert Panel

Upload the Documents and Declaration as requested

Experts will take your Approval for the FSSAI Modification process

We will Draft your FSSAI Modification Application

Get your modified FSSAI Food License

Required Documents for FSSAI Modification

Points to be Remembered

  • The concerned FBO can select a single Modification Category at a time in the FSSAI Modification process, as regulated by the Food Licensing authority
  • Food Manufacturers/Processors who have already obtained a Food License but in a wrong category, are required to get their License Modified
  • For adding a new business, change of business address, change in contact details, or change in the product category – an FBO is requisite to file for FSSAI License Modification
  • The FSSAI Designated Officer (D.O.) is responsible to scrutinize the Modification Application and the D.O. may seek any clarification from the FBO. The query is needed to be responded within the next 30 days

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If there is any change from the furnished information contained in the valid existing FSSAI Food License, an FBO shall apply for a Modification of a Food License.

The applicant FBO will have to apply for a Modification of the FSSAI FoSCoS License following the regulations of the FSSAI authority. A designated officer (DO) scrutinizes the application in the later process.

FSSAI license is registered on the basis of the business premises only. So in case of opening of a new food corner, an individual has to obtain a new food license. FSSAI modification is not applicable here.

If any FBO’s Modification Application is rejected by the Authority, the particular FBO is needed to stop their business operation till the Modification part gets completed

Yes. FSSAI License Modification is needed to be executed in case of launching a new food product or service in any licensed FBO.