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As per the Central Goods and Services Act, 2017, every registered business entity is mandated to file GSTR-9 annually. GSTR-9 contains information about all the sales, purchases, refunds, or input tax credit by all tax-payers, Special Economic Zone (SEZ) units, SEZ developers, and many more.

Under the new GST Regime, Voluntarily you can file your GSTR-9 for tax returns but it is mandatory above Rs 2Cr and mandatory above Rs 5Cr alongwith GSTR-9C for GST Audit.

The GST Return should be Filed within October 31 for the previous Financial Year period. However, the scheduled date for GSTR-9 filing can be altered or extended as per the ongoing notifications from Government of India.

An individual or entity is liable to pay Rs. 200 per day from the scheduled last date of filing for not submitting GSTR-9 on time. As per the GST Act, 2017 of our Indian Govt. the penalty amount will be levied cumulatively with an interest at 18% per annum rate.
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Why You Must File Annual GSTR-9 On Time?

Abolition of the Cascading Effect

GSTR-9 filing simplifies the entire tax process by eliminating all the tax-on-tax or the cascading method.

An Organized Taxation System

The business identities are allowed here to pay the entire tax amount at a single time. GST return filing has replaced the chaotic older tax system.

Business Opportunities

By the collaboration of the Indian tax system, the business entities are now enjoying a nationwide market without paying different taxes to the State Governments.

Assisting Your Own Entity

The preceding VAT was compulsory for any company with an annual turnover of Rs 5,00,000 which acted as troublesome for any business organization or start-up entity. GSTR-9 return filing has replaced the VAT, benefiting the entities especially the SEZ Units.

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Required Documents for Annual GSTR-9 Filing

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The due date of GSTR-9 is October 31 every year. However, the scheduled date for GSTR-9 filing can be altered or extended as per the ongoing notifications from Government of India.

No, GSTR-9 details cannot be revised once it is Filed.

In case of a delay, the individual is needed to pay Rs 200/day (CGST Rs 100 + SGST Rs 100). Along with that, a fine has to be paid with an 18% per annum rate.

If the liability arises after filing GSTR-9 or any discrepancies regarding the Input Tax Credit then the registered dealer should be paid the amount to the GST department with the help of DRC-03 challan.